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Moments of Excellence | Precious Moments Learning Center opens a new location with website redesign

As DRMR Creative's Head Creative Director, I am proud to have worked with Precious Moments Learning Center to create a brand new website that represents the center's continued commitment to providing quality and accessible child care services.

As an established child care center that has recently opened a new location, Precious Moments Learning Center provides 24/7 care for infants to school aged children. I worked closely with the center's management team, Tameshia Joyner and Shatina Harris, to understand their unique needs and create a website that reflects their dedication to ensuring that children receive the best care possible.

We wanted the new website to be engaging, easy to navigate, and informative. To achieve this, we focused on creating a clean and modern design that would appeal to parents and caregivers. We also incorporated bright colors and playful elements to reflect the center's focus on child development and learning.

Overall, I was thrilled to have worked with Precious Moments Learning Center on this exciting new project. I believe that the new website will help the center reach new heights and continue to provide quality child care services for years to come.

In conclusion, at our design agency, I had the privilege of working with Precious Moments Learning Center to create a new website and digital marketing materials that reflects the center's commitment to quality child care services. The new website features a modern and engaging design. I'm excited to see the impact that this relaunch will have on the success of Precious Moments Learning Center.


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